Happy birthday Jesus! I love being a Children's Pastor. I Really love being one around holidays! u can get away w soooo much stuff! Lol! today was our Birthday party for Jesus complete with cakes and candles. Just such an amazing day. Then it was home veeeeery briefly for an hour or so then back to the church for an open house. We have some pretty awesome people at our church :0) o always have fun when I can get a chance to mingle w people. Best part? I've already scheduled three get togethers for January :0) Love God. Love People. Love Life. Going to sleep goooood tonight.

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Road Trip

Getting ready for another road trip to Atlanta!!!! Soooo excited :O) Sitting outside of work now, waiting on my sister to finish up. She pulled her back and is on medication so she can't drive :O( Meds are making her loopy! hahahahaha
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If brokeness is what it takes to be whole, then I choose brokeness.

As I was doing by studying of John today, I was doing some deep digging into myself. My journey through this life thus far. The things I have come through, the things I have seen.

My conclusions were just that. If to be whole as a Christian I have to have the darkest parts of me broken, the parts and feelings that are not of God broken and crushed ... so that He can make them whole again ... then I choose to let God break it and fix it. I choose to let Him ... be Him. And in the end of the process ... I will be whole. I amazed at how we are designed.

I am also doing a Constitutional study at the moment. And studying about Natural Law. I love learning history and knowing about how this great nation of ours was founded and what people were thinking back then. Through their letters and the documents that were created, wow! wow! wow! I don't know if they have a book out but someone needs to write it ..the dunbing down of America ... to see what has become of this Nation ... I tell you one thing, I will do what is in my power to see it restored. You can bet on that.

Tests Results

Well, after NOT being seen by the Dr this morning, she later called adn read the results to me over the phone. Looooooooooooooooong story there. Everything checked out with MaKayla and all levels were normal. They have no idea what she was battling but the 2 test for mono came back negative. So I have a VERY healthy little 3 year old! Which makes me VERY happy!
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oh my! It's been a while ..again!

Well, I'll be using this again for the unforseeable future. I have deleted my myspace and have a facebook now. But I miss the journaling I was able to do on myspace. So here I am again. It's kinda due inpart to a debate that was going on in facebook land ... grrrr. Plus I want to read what a friend from high school has to say on politics. I am interested in learning more and more about our history as a Nation. I believe facts have their place. I like dealing in facts. Can't lie about the facts. Or even distort them. Facts are facts. I believe we can all learn from history.

We have now been married since aug 1995! WOW! Time has really gone by fast! We have two girls who are now 3 and 18! CARAZY!!!!! We adopted both our girls, MaKayla since she was born and Danya' since she was 16 (but it took us close to 2 years to get her! a looong story there!)

I am excited about journaling again! Alot will probably ne about my wieght though ... I've made it a mission to get healthy. Then again, I am really into politics right now too. And History!

SO my official first entry back:

I am a little perterbed. A girl from highschool commented on my facebook and made alot of assumptions. She also was not dealing in facts and quoting scriptures ... well let me correct that. She wasn't quoting scriptures ... she was adding to them which really just upsets me ... no wonder the world looks at Christians like we are nuts! Especially when someone can't even get the words right and adds to it to suit them and their agenda. AHHHH! Makes me mad sometimes.

I think some people have their heads too far up in the clouds and then at the other end of the spectrum others have their heads too far in the ground. I believe there is a balance to it all.
I am a Christian who likes politics. And for some reason, knowing a some of the facts about politics and how someone votes on issues and having an opinion of my own makes certain people mad and spew off and make assumptions about things. Whatever. I like what another friend from highschool says ... backup what you say with facts ..or something like that. Don't just tell me I should Agree with everything someone says or does or wants. Back it up. Funny thing is, she can't ..or least so far she can't. RRRRR. If you could see my frustration right now. I am all for a good healthy debate. I am not "stuck" on some things. If you feel strongly about something or an issue or policy ..give me WHY you feel the way you do. Give me something with substance. But paaaalease don't just say something and then have nothing to back it up. Last time I checked ... my Saviours name started with a :J: not an "O".
And yes, I know I have some spelling mistakes, but it's my journal and I'll fix them later.


Ok so after looking back in my calendar ... I discovered that Danya' has been to one dr or another once a week since the year began ... for REAL ..a lot of them are for dentist and getting workd done and the consultations for it but still GOODNESS!!!! She's been with us for almost a year now and the adoption will be finalized in a few weeks WOHOO!!!!! She's doing well in school and I am VERY pleased with her progress. MaKayla is still ...energetic and very much a 2 year old. She's still sooo cute!!!!

hey yall!!!!

So yeah been a while ... things are still good ... going about normal everyday life ... Can't say too much has changed since last entry ... kids are getting older ..and so am I! HAHA!
We're getting ready to move so that we will be closer to the high school ... thinking about adopting another kid ... but no real major changes.

Did you miss me?

Well, things at my household sure have changed since the last time I posted! We now have an official high schooler as part of our family ... whos learning to drive! SCARY!!!! We were busy most of the summer going here and there and I am quite pleased to actually be at home for a while least until the end of Sept. when we are supposed to take a weekend and go to the beach before it turns cold again! WOHOO!!! MaKayla has learned to talk in complete sentences for the most part ... and her pronounciationo f some words are hilarious! Like ... truck ... and let me tell you ... we QUICLY discovered that some words, she'll just have to learn when shes 5 because they sound tooooo close to cuss words! Summer was a blast with our two girls ... I now spen most of my time on my space checking on my oldest daughter and making sure she stays out of trouble! Hope everyone had a GREAT summer!


Gosh! This morning I met with a couple of my friends for a fellowship/Moms Bible study ...we hadn't met in almost three months! It was so good to get together with them and catch up. We decided that not only will we meet again once a month but we are going to do it every two weeks! We need it! Would be even greater if we could get babysittes for it! HAHA
Greg and I have a date night tonight ...dinner and hitting some golf balls. So to all you about to get married ..ALWAYS keep the date nights's been almost 12 years married now and two kids later and I firmly believe that we are still together because we base our relationship on the Lord's principles AND date nights! Don't let the light go out ... keep careful watch at all times on your marriage. We even try to go away every 3 months for a weekend or even just one night.

Forgive them for they know not what they do

What a powerful statement made by Jesus while he was on the cross. As I was reading to my youngest daughter this morning a powerful revelation hit me. We are to do the same to others. when people are just flat out mean and cruel to us ... Father forgive them ....forgiveness is a powerful weapon. It's hard sometimes ..but how much harder was it for Jesus? and He did it. What a role model ... to be like Christ.